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Ukraine Government frantic pace is stepping up domestic and foreign debt

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on unscheduled auction on Thursday raised the annual rate of dollar bonds internal treasury bonds (T-bills) from 8% to 9% and raised $130 million in the amount of benefits this week on previously issued currency bonds $233.9 million.

According to the report on the Department’s website, he succeeded the third time this week to sell two-year ruble bonds for 1.5 billion hrn., while the volume of payments for hryvnia bonds this week estimated 0.75 billion hrn.

The rate of T-bills in domestic currency remained at 17.6% per annum. Customers at each auction was one, said the Finance Ministry.

According to the Treasury since the beginning of 2014 to 8 December public borrowing totaled 252.47 billion (including internal – 162.15 billion hrn.) in terms of year $266.64 billion USD. The amount included borrowings issue bonds in exchange for shares “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and other state-owned companies in the amount of UAH 104.11 billion in the plan for the year 111.93 billion USD.

During the same period in Ukraine has sent public debt service expense 43.18 billion UAH (including domestic – UAH29.32 billion) with respect to the year 46.34 billion UAH, repayment – 91.33 billion UAH (in t. H . internal – 61.16 billion UAH) in terms of 109.14 billion UAH.

Ministry of Finance have specified that in the 11 months of this year, he managed to place currency bonds to $662.5 million and EUR40 million, while payments are as follows: $409.3 million – interest and $2.398 billion – repayment.

Last MOF was able to sell two-year dollar bonds in mid-September for $8 million at 8.1% per annum, while a similar auction ended October avail.

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