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Kolomoysky bribed Odessa Court to justify stealing state fuel from Odessa Refinery

The court allowed the refinery to take away from the evidence that there are thousands of tons of fuel. Primorsky District Court Odessa gave oligarch Igor Kolomoisky company authorized to sell petroleum products Odessa refinery, which serve evidence in a criminal case. This was during a press conference lawyer Andrew Fedur.

The court ruled the decision is November 18. According Fedur court formally handed over the company Ukrtransnaftoprodukt fuel without an auction or sale through the stock exchange.

At the same time, was not specified the exact price of oil transferred. The court called only the price specified in the act of description, evaluation and transfer of ownership. According to the lawyer, the court made the decision quickly, because he believed that long-term storage of petroleum products can lower their quality and quantity. This lawyer most concerned about a court order that it not be appealed.

Thus, as stated by the managing partner of the Bar Association Vitaly Mahinchuk, over the weekend of the Odessa refinery was illegally pumped to the plant group Privat Igor Kolomoisky 10 thousand 400 tons of fuel. He added that the fuel is nerozmytnenym, and the country’s budget lost from this 70 to 72 billion USD excise.

As said lawyer Denis Serebrennikov refineries during pumping there is a breakthrough pipes in the ground and got 440 tons of diesel fuel.

As previously reported, November 22 armed men seized the Odessa refinery. The invasion began with attempts employees Ukrtransnaftoprodukt inspect tanks of oil previously arrested.

According to company lawyer Andrew Fedur, is to capture the kidnapping of oil from Odessa refinery in ten million.

December 11 armed men forced at gunpoint machines Odessa refinery workers pumped oil products Synthesis of Oil, which belongs to a group Privat Igor Kolomoisky.

According to Andrew Fedur, what is happening in the plant qualifies as theft.

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