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Russia Conducts Another Test of ICBM Sarmat

Russia has conducted another test of its new liquid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat, the Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda announced Friday.

The newspaper said the latest test at the Plesetsk cosmodrome “confirmed the system’s parameters in the stage of prelaunch preparations and the initial flight of the missile.”

In addition, the Russian Strategic Missile Forces assessed the correctness of the design and the “technical solutions employed in the creation of the ICBM complex,” the newspaper said.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported Thursday about “other just-completed firing exercises” taking place on the Baltic Sea.

Latvia’s Defense Ministry said also Thursday it was concerned by a sudden announcement from Russia that it will test-fire missiles in the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Sweden from 06:00 to 18:00, April 4 and 6.

The ministry summoned the Russian Federation’s military attaché and expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, “noting that, despite the fact that international agreements do not prevent Russia from conducting such training in this territory, its actions are challenging and more likely to be considered as a demonstration of power.”

The ministry requested detailed information from Russia on planned activities in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, as well as on how security during the missile firing will be ensured.

Meanwhile, the White House announced that U.S. President Donald Trump will host the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for a Baltic Summit at the White House on April 3.

Trump and the three heads of state will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’s independence.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania mark the centennial of their 1918 independence declarations, despite their 47 years under Soviet rule, from 1944 to 1991.

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