The Police openly sabotaged the investigation and cover MIA employees who were on the squares and fired at protesters

The MIA did not want to testify and provide information. In particular, do not want to testify against his leadership, which remained in place. This solidarity.

Recently in the media and on the streets (in protests and even speakers on errant vehicles) became increasingly hear of inactivity prosecutors in the investigation of shooting people in the square. We decided to ask the defenders of the victims of what is their impression of the progress of the investigation and what, in their opinion, could explain the results.

Taras Hatalyak coordinator lawyers family hundreds of Heaven:

Since we prosecution established close contact somewhere in September. The investigation was carried out efficiently, but it has several reasons, in our opinion. This may be due to lack of political will in the leadership of the country as a whole, but there are also organizational reasons. Error prosecution was that they took up the investigation of individual killings, injuries, assault, rather than investigating all crimes in general, starting from 30 November 2013 and ending February 22, 2014. For example, investigations ball on Independence injuries involved the GPU, and all other injuries – Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office. Information is dispersed, not built together, so we have a miserable outcome of the investigation.

About two months attorneys asked hundreds of relatives Heavenly attract more investigators to investigate these cases. December 4, we received approval for a new PGO agency to investigate crimes related to the Maidan (the GPU it clear that it will not separate management and joint team of investigators. – Ed.). Will coordinator who shall exercise general analysis and evaluation documentation, investigation in various cases related to each other. Because this was not a focal point, a lot of information was lost. There are many works on video materials, by analyzing large evidence base.

We understand that this new GPO management deal with all matters concerning crimes related to areas which have occurred since November 2013 to the end of February 2014. In addition, in our opinion, here it is necessary to involve the deaths of the wounded on the Square, who died later during treatment.

As for the Security Service of Ukraine, December 5th we met lawyers and relatives of those killed and wounded on the square with the head of the SBU and the heads of relevant departments. Valentin Nalyvaychenko announced the creation of the Coordinating Center at the Security Service to investigate crimes Square. Prior to this center, he invited all interested activists. It advocates and families Heroes hundreds of Heaven, and human rights activists and journalists. We were assured that the work will be conducted at the level of the central apparatus of the Security Service, or SBU level representatives in the regions. Any information that will be of value to the investigation, you can pass in this Coordinating Center.

The Interior Ministry also assured us that they have a desire to cooperate, we met with Anton Gerashchenko and heads of departments. Unfortunately, specific answers to our questions, we have not received.

Indicative is MIA reaction to our complaint centralized bus transportation service as former and current employees “Berkut” the Court of Appeal (the day sitting on the ex-commander “Berkut” Gardener. – Ed.). We submitted all materials, including video on demand to carry out an investigation in Research Affairs in Kyiv. Results We simply shocked. In conclusion, performance verification was told that neither workers nor drivers do not violate, and “berkutivtsi” just asked the driver to bring up their base.

In previous trials, and possibly current employees of the special forces “Berkut” were photos and video of our lawyers and relatives of the victims. I worry for my colleagues, and relatives of the victims on the Square, for the question arises: what “berkutivtsi” did? What they had a detailed documentation of? In my opinion, this can be used in any criminal purposes against us.

Separately, we must talk about things that investigates the Interior Ministry. I have information that there are cases that are closed or trying to close. Interior Ministry is investigating several deaths that occurred after the Maidan, for example, by gas poisoning or beating. In addition, police are investigating the death of man in Ivano-Frankivsk, who died in January from hypothermia. The man got pneumonia after being doused him with water cannons frost. We will achieve at the GPO that these investigations resumed. MIA is a miscalculation and that, in my opinion, they are not controlled at the central unit in the course of investigation of the district police department.

The behavior of the police, which we have seen in trials, shows their absolute confidence that they will not be prosecuted. They behave very confident and brazen. I do not know where this confidence, so I can only guess. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov not spent cleaning management, including the Department of Public Safety in the Interior Ministry and local offices in the regions. Not released leaders “Berkut” in the regions. Accordingly, these leaders along the line of public safety continues to perform further pressure on their subordinates, so it is not surprising that they vidmovchuyutsya for questioning in the prosecutor’s office. They continue to work in the system, so afraid to testify. I can not say for sure, because it is a mystery to investigators, but I suspect that the GPU is simply no evidence of workers special forces “Berkut”.

Former police chief in the Volyn region Alexander Tereshchuk now runs GU MVD in Kiev. We know how many were persecuted by police to Volyn activists in the Maidan, so the appointment can not be amazing. Telling result is particularly negative internal investigation by the Research Affairs in Kyiv Action “berkutivtsiv” in the court and in the court of which I spoke.

I suspect that there is some pressure, perhaps by MIA management units in ministries involved in the investigation of the prosecution Square. Since the prosecution has its operational units involved in operational units as MIA.

We set during personal meetings with the Ministry of Interior and writing about 20 specific questions, but today we got only one answer – the results of the official investigation on official buses on trial.

Veremiy Anna, sister of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya (died in hospital February 19 from a gunshot wound received last night in downtown Kyiv during the attack of unknown masked by taxi in which he was traveling):

We are not satisfied that the accused in this case have changed the qualification of “attempted murder” for “hooliganism” and that he was released from detention under house arrest.

We had to ask the prosecutor to replace in our business for the first prosecutor was on the side of the defendant. GPU replace it at our request. The fact that the first prosecutor initiated change the preventive measure for this suspect in custody to house arrest. Thus in our case it is the only detained suspect, others are still being sought.

Vladimir Bondarchuk, secretary of the NGO “Family hundreds of Heaven”:

Investigations in some cases are brought to court, that pre-trial investigation is complete (the case on February 20 about the shooting 39 people, including my father). Not all aspects of the investigation of these and other cases we are happy.

When the anniversary of the Maidan authorities reported a shooting investigation, the most adequate and reliable information on the subject gave Prosecutor General of Ukraine. They said that there are many problems, including finding evidence and that actually work done by 10%. This, in our view, consistent with the real situation.

Most cases brought to court. We understand that this is objective reasons, but at the same time we would like to investigate more effective. Lawyers appealed to law enforcement agencies (GPO, MIA, SBU) with suggestions how you can build linkages between these authorities.

As for the prosecution, we understand that under the current structure and the absence of a single center investigation of crimes that occurred on the Square, it is difficult to organize work properly. For investigators Main Investigation Department of the GPU, in addition to shooting people on the Maidan, investigating the huge number of other cases. Their attention is sprayed, so you need to create a separate department or administration, which would only engaged in investigating cases of Maidan. If a group of investigators, they can focus on investigating and see a picture of a system.

In the case of the shooting of 39 people indicted on Independence representatives of the special forces “Berkut”. There are problems with the judiciary as judges in these cases dismissed under house arrest accused. In particular, because it was an escape Dmitry Gardener (former company commander “Berkut”).

Similarly, the responsibility rests with the law enforcement agencies, which, in my opinion, openly sabotaged the investigation and cover MIA officers who were on the square and fired. The MIA did not want to testify and provide information. In particular, do not want to testify against his leadership, which remained in place.
This solidarity.

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