In the spring of 2015 expected in Ukraine public and social unrest

The economist Boris Kushniruk not exclude public social explosion next spring.

The expert criticized the government’s program and the draft budget, which may be aimed at reducing social spending.

“I’m very critical to the government’s program, to say the least. The program is a reduced version is not flawless coalition agreement. Moreover, it contains the following elements corruption that was not even in the coalition agreement There where absolute clarity and concreteness of it all washed away. For example, the government program does not mention the fact that we badly need as quickly as possible to deal with issues surrounding the installation of metering devices for heat, gas and water. The agreement is delayed until 2017. Although this is unacceptable. Also it is not clear when the system will be introduced transparency in the use of public funds. I believe that this should be done immediately, starting from January 1, “- said the expert.

In view of a program as government Kushniruk doubt in positive changes.

“I wonder what these people expect (government, parliament – Ed.). I have the unpleasant feeling that change is not expected. Another starting point will be the project budget. If budget, which provides for substantial reductions in social spending. But it will be corruption schemes, then we will have public social explosion in the spring, and maybe even earlier, “- said Kushniruk.

The expert believes that against such innovations should address public.

“How can you deprive teachers payments despite the fact that they have meager wages. And thus leave scheme which continues to carve budget? How can I leave scheme subsidizing the coal industry. I call it simply – the financing of terrorism “- outraged economist.

Recall that Parliament today approved the program of government action. Though before that it actively criticized even by the “Block Poroshenko,” which is part of the coalition.

Recently the government plans to submit to parliament a draft budget for 2015, which represents a significant reduction in social spending.

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