UN: Record Number of Afghans Killed or Wounded During October Parliamentary Elections

The United Nations says more than 400 Afghans were killed or wounded in attacks during last month’s parliamentary elections. 

In a report released Tuesday by the U.N.’s Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA), 56 people were killed and 379 wounded on October 20, the first day of voting, and on following days when delayed voting took place. UNAMA says the casualty toll was higher in this election than in the four previous elections.

The U.N. report said the Taliban carried out attacks using rockets, grenades, mortars and improvised explosive devices. The mission said the Taliban also engaged in a campaign of intimidating and threatening voters before the election, including abducting hundreds of civilians. 

Ballots from the October 20 elections are still being tallied, and the initial results are not expected to be announced until later this month.

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