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Stupid or corrupt Prosecutor General Yarema can not prove guilt apostates bloody dictator Portnow

Former deputy head of the presidential administration Andriy Portnov, which GPO is looking for alleged involvement in the mass killings of activists on the Square in the winter of 2014, received a Schengen visa and plans to go to Zurich or Brussels. On Portnov said it himself on the web.

“Try to understand the international sanctions in Zurich and Brussels. Official contacts with the authorities of European countries ended yesterday (November 7) issuing me a long-term visa for Switzerland, “- he said.
Before your message Portnow added photos passport visa has been granted to 5 November 2015.

Also, Portnow said he was “sent to the European authorities evidence of falsification of Ukrainian authorities of criminal cases, which led to the introduction of international sanctions against me as freezing the assets and accounts of non-existent”.

“During these 8 months, European authorities have concluded that I have no accounts and assets freeze and I have nothing,” – he added.

Recall that the GPO is looking Andriy Portnov, who is accused of involvement in the mass killings of activists in the center of Kyiv from 18 to 22 February 2014. In November 2014 the Prosecutor seventh Portnov lost in court, Kyiv Pechersky District Court granted another claim to the GPU and Portnov declared illegal correspondence Prosecutor General of Ukraine with the EU regarding Portnov.

The court ordered the prosecution to send a letter to the EU, which the EU will be informed “about his illegal actions and refer the decision of the court within 30 days”

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