Next crisis by Moscow played out in the Balkans

The next crisis with Moscow played out in the Balkans. So says the deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU in the Bundestag Andreas Shokkenhoff.

“It is fear that Russia will use energy supplies to Serbia as a powerful tool for blackmail,” – he said.

In his view, the government in Belgrade abide pro rate because it wants most of the people of Serbia. Western Balkan countries are well aware that “Russia intends to use them against the EU, but can not offer them any long-term prospects for the future, either in politics or in the economy,” said Shokkenhoff.

The politician, who until January 2014 held the position of Commissioner for German-Russian cooperation in the government of Germany, and rather abruptly spoke about developments in Ukraine.

According to him, the Old World is already a real war. “How else to call it when one country invades the territory of another sovereign state with tanks, heavy artillery and plenty of barely camouflaged military column,” – said Shokkenhoff.

Previously, the threat to the Balkans by the Russian Federation said Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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