Bank of Russia increased the official dollar on 18 december by about 10%

In the euro and the dollar have updated historical highs. The Bank of Russia raised the official exchange rate on 18 December by about 10%, to 67.78 rubles, according to the website of the Central Bank.

The euro rose by more than 8 rubles to 84.58 rubles. These indicators are new historical highs. As a result of the trading session, December 16 dollar added 3.5 ruble and euro – 6.3 rubles.

During the session, on 17 December, the main exchange rates change slightly. Dollar to 13:50 Moscow time increased by 30 cents, to 67.8 rubles, and the euro fell 80 cents to 84.35 rubles.

On the eve of volatility in the market led to the achievement of the dollar and the euro hit record levels. The dollar jumped to 80 rubles, while the euro reached a level of 100 rubles.

December 15 The Bank of Russia has spent on foreign exchange intervention about two billion dollars. The next day, in order to combat the weakening ruble regulator raised the key rate from 10.5 to 17%.

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