That doctors take money – is not a bribe, you can also list and you paying for it

Told the new head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili.

“The fact that doctors take money – it’s not a bribe. Do you offer a service and you are paying for it. Bribe – is when a doctor writes a certificate lime disability. Because doctors can not be put in that position. We are not fighting with doctors – those people who need to feel the first positive reforms that need more money, “- said Kvitashvili.

The minister also spoke about his team: “My team is professional – people who know medicine in Ukraine and did not participate in corrupt acts, and had no interest in doing so. It will be young professionals who want to make a difference. ”

In addition, Kvitashvili said that after 100 days of work will report on the first results.

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