Pechersk District Court Kiev ordered the Prosecutor General of Ukraine a criminal case against officials Yanukovych M.Holdarb

Former director of internal audit and financial control of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Maxim Holdarb rejects allegations of misconduct in office. This is stated in an open letter Holdarba, which is currently a director of the NGO.

He said all allegations against him, he connects with his principled position as at the Defence Ministry.

“I do not believe in coincidences and chance, but watching a strange trend that each time becoming more obvious and legitimate. In late 2013 the auditors actually forced to raise 1.5-2 times the selling price of jet engines, metal and weapons. Then a few days were common adverse publication where all charges were reduced to Donetsk my origin and name brand cars – with no word on quality and performance, “- said in the letter.

According Holdarba, during his activities as head of the department “failed to earn a Ministry of Defence so-called” traders “200 million”.

He also claims that in May this year audit service not agreed purchase technical oils at inflated prices. According Holdarba, overpayment was 11 million in total procurement of 40 million.

“On this fact the prosecutor’s office is currently conducting pre-trial investigation. I believe that the investigation will establish the guilt of specific individuals – those who in April led in the direction of the Ministry of Defence procurement. Again, negative on the Internet – all under the same “sauce”: from “old regime”, “Donetsk”, “lebedyevskyy” and also “a native of Russia”, – said the former official.

Holdarb also expressed hope that the Prosecutor General’s Office, which is investigating the case against him adopt a legal decision. “What am sure will be in my favor, because my duties I performed properly, honestly and in good faith,” – he said.

Earlier social activists from the Center for Combating Corruption accused Holdarba that he oversaw the purchase of low-quality body armor for military stores at ATO, medicines for the Armed Forces in 2013, bringing the state has lost 2.8 million.

Activists applied with the appropriate application to the Prosecutor General, and after they said the GPO refused to prosecute, finding sufficient reason for this, they went to court. Kyiv Pechersky Court ordered the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a criminal case against Holdarba.

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