Oligarchs recaptured all power in Ukraine, new Revolution is inevitable!

The absence of any significant changes in the country after the Revolution of dignity is easy to explain: the oligarchic system of power remained the same, only changed its leaders. So all the old scheme obbyrannya state and people working as effectively as before. And it’s completely natural.

To keep the same system of government, the oligarchs coming up with every new political projects, and, for every taste. They are chameleons can instantly disguise in any color. If you want more democracy – are you a “pro-European” party. Do you want a bit of radicalism – will Lyashko with pitchforks. Do not suffer nationalists and “junta” – nate Opposition bloc. Typically, voters easily kuplyayutsya for good wraps and sweet promises. Then have to pay for it.

In the oligarchic system of all political, economic and social crisis provoked oligarchs themselves. After all, their reasons are speculative capital – stolen, taken, “navarenyy” illegal ways and more. A lack of control mechanisms society power generating total corruption and impunity. What we see today. Most odious henchmen Yanukovych regime freely moved in, some were in Parliament, and hundreds of thousands of officials, prosecutors, judges, law enforcers securely seated in the same places and financial flows. A war only stimulates their appetite, it’s best business. This year, the volume of transactions of withdrawal of money from offshore in Ukraine grew by a quarter – to 204 billion.

And oligarchs themselves under any circumstances do not wish to pay for the crisis caused by them. Translate this honorable mission to lean shoulders of workers. On the one hand, it is true: eyes have seen that buy and eat now – though povylazte. In addition, people should feel their responsibility for every vote in every election – from the Village Council to Parliament – is through the stomach or pocket. So better comes to a head.

In developed countries, the main controller of the authorities is opposition. When she sees the abuse, then it brings to society that begins to put pressure on those in power. In Ukraine, in the broadest sense of the opposition yet. It is formed only in the depths of civil society. Those few tens of Combat, community activists and journalists who were in Parliament, will not change its essence. For them there except four hundred well-trained political rogues, cheaters, demagogues and cynics – reliable defense fortress inviolability of oligarchic power. The political party that could fulfill the role of an effective opposition in parliament did not pass. I mean first of all “Civil position” and the Democratic Alliance. Assume the same opposition “Freedom” or the Communist Party somehow awkward – they are shown on a leash which sit in the oligarchs.

However, not all so sad. For nothing can last forever. If evolution zastoporyuyetsya, she comes to the rescue revolution. This dialectic development. And since we live in an era of information technology, all processes have the ability to accelerate. For information about government agencies increasingly difficult to hide. Because birth wide antyoliharhichnoho movement – on the agenda. Construct a new, socially just country can only change their system of government.

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