Current research of business-empire by Petro Poroshenko – President of Ukraine and oligarch

Petro Poroshenko

Poroshenko – the first Ukrainian president, who combines the status of president and owner of a business empire. We found his assets are in crisis and are implemented as promises of their sale.

President billionaire – a phenomenon for our political life fresh. It attracts novelty, no time to get bored and become a familiar feature of the landscape. Of course, Poroshenko predecessors were people too, frankly secured.

Ukraine has experienced board presidents – patrons oligarchs, brother, father or even a successful businessman. However, none of the former inhabitants of the main office on Bankova was not an oligarch himself immediately and directly. And especially not come to power on the basis of the revolution, which had a clear antyoliharhichne color. Even the street and talked about the dominance of one business group, somehow bringing the brackets others.

However, for nearly half the country manages the official owner of big business, although he has promised to sell its assets. Remembering the other unfulfilled promises, we decided to ask how are things going with the transformation in this life. It should be noted that the task proved more difficult than seemed at first sight, and it’s not that Poroshenko keeps your business in deep shade.

Many of the respondents in the preparation of expert articles and investment companies under various pretexts, refused to comment on the seemingly winning topic that certainly attract the attention of the reader. This is because, apparently, all the same freshness sensation – one thing to comment on aspects of the business, possibly related to the presidential relatives or sponsors of his campaign, and quite another – when a defendant Article himself.

Forbes gave poroshenko sixth position in the ranking Ukrainian moneybags, estimating his assets of $1.3 billion. The Constitution of Ukraine, however, discounts the ratings does not. 103 rd article of the Basic Law explicitly emphasizes that the president can not engage in paid or entrepreneurial activity.

On the morning of May 26, savoring a convincing victory in the presidential election Poroshenko promised to sell its assets “immediately after” entering into this contract with the investment firm. “Immediately” occurred in late August, when the media reported that the sale of assets Ukrainian President will the investment Rothschild. CEO Giovanni Salvetti assured that immediately begin the search for a buyer before the fall.

The only asset owned poroshenko and was sold this year, to our knowledge, was the stake PPD Enerhoavtomatyka, manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. Gained his longtime business partner of President Oleg Zimin, who added asset of the purchased its National Accumulator Corporation Ista. Zimin owns a business producing spare parts for agricultural machinery – Poroshenko also previously had a share in it, but sold it to his partner.

Zimin – one of the old business allies Poroshenko that manage its assets. The number of allies and partners is the father of the current president Alexei Poroshenko and city council member Igor Kononenko – Army friend of the President.

Igor Kononenko

Igor Kononenko

Kononenko and Poroshenko once founded the first corporation current President, Ukrainian Industrial Investment Concern (now abolished). Today, each of them – a fund whose interests are intertwined. For example, the fund Kononenko AGE has a 25% stake Piskivskoho glass factory, and a controlling stake in the company owned by the fund Poroshenko Prime Asset Management.

Another longtime partner Poroshenko – Oleg Svynarchuk. That he is in 2009, the future president sold his stake in Bogdan Corporation which manufactures cars and buses. Packet switched Poroshenko Svynarchuk in exchange for a debt of $ 100 million and a minority stake in Svynarchuk corporation Roshen. The reason for the agreement were Bogdan financial problems during the crisis of 2009.

Oleg Svynarchuk

Oleg Svynarchuk

However, many media tend to believe that Poroshenko still has an interest in the business. Ownership Structure Bogdan Motors extremely complicated, the owners serve about a dozen companies often own shares in each other through another legal entity, although the presence of traces of interests Poroshenko Bogdan still be traced, according to business media. However, given the overall difficult situation in the Ukrainian automotive, ownership structure Bohdan now is not as interesting a few years ago.

Boris Lozhkyn

Boris Lozhkyn

Business partner Poroshenko was Boris Lozhkyn, a media holding which for several years had a share of the President. In particular, Poroshenko and UMH worked since 2007, when a businessman donated media group management station Radio Five (later renamed Retro FM). And in 2011, the partners jointly acquired Our radio in the Irish media company Communicorp and KP Media – the founder of Jed Sanden. In 2013 Lozhkyn consolidated assets of its holding group and sold VETEK Sergei Kurchenko.

Sergey Kurchenko

Sergey Kurchenko

Maybe time to sell the business is not the best – total economic crisis has also involved the presidential assets. More or less comfortable feel as if President farms controlled by UPI-Agro. In their number includes skirts Food Company, Deputy Director General which was the eldest son Alexei Poroshenko and Agroprodinvest Group, Dawn skirts, agro Dniproahrolan, Mass agro, agro Ivankivtsi.

However, recently the Antimonopoly Committee allowed to buy more than 50% share of Dawn skirts and Groups Agroprodinvest of Agro-Center (Kyiv). Before that, in 2011, this same company allowed to purchase a share of more than 50% of food skirts, agro Ivankivtsi, Mas Agro and Agrofirm Dniproahrolan. But now data that conclusively conclude that this is a change in ownership, not a change signs, is not enough.

With assets in other areas was difficult – Sevastopol Marine Plant was hostage to politics. In September, the Crimean authorities are not recognized Kyiv, said that the President’s Fund Prime Capital Asset plant put up for sale. Conducted inventory process, establishing the exact amount of liabilities of the enterprise to the city.

The difference in approach is obvious – Poroshenko, at least, is able to sell the plant in Crimea, despite the fact that state-owned assets or, for example, a group Privat Igor Kolomoisky had just nationalized guidance annexed autonomy. Sevmorzavod most likely still be sold, said Victor Lissitzky, president of the Association of Shipbuilders Ukrsudprom. No orders its Black Sea Fleet functioning, according shipbuilder is simply impractical.

It is not clear destiny and located in the capital of the plant Leninist smithy, whose income in 2013 amounted to 133 million USD. Rather, its scope is unclear. For example, the official site of the plant indicates that it manufactures vehicles, metal and even grenade launchers. But Lissitzky said that the ship, even a small displacement – 1 thousand. T, has not made because there is no customer. He stresses that the company, like the rest shipbuilding industry needs reform, as urged himself Poroshenko while a deputy from the opposition.

Not too good and feels corporation Roshen, which occupies 20th place in the Candy Industry Top 100. parent in this business – Open Central European confectionery company (TSYEKK). She owned subsidiary confectionery corporation Roshen, headed by Vyacheslav Moskalevsky another business partner Poroshenko. These two companies hold shares four Ukrainian confectionery factories. Also included Roshen factory in Lipetsk, Klaipeda in Lithuania and the company Bonbonetti Choco Kft. in Hungary.

Vyacheslav Moskalevsky

Vyacheslav Moskalevsky

The deterioration of relations with Russia not only affected the activity of Lipetsk factory, but also made it the subject of increased attention of the public and the media. The interest is quite obvious. On the one hand, heard allegations of geopolitical conflict of interest, the confrontation with Russia on the other – Chief owned factory in the Russian territory.

“Given that the overall exports from Ukraine kondyterky decreased by 65%, then obviously Corporation Poroshenko lost this year a lot” – says Alexander Okhrimenko, president of the think tank. Recall that in 2013 President revenue confectionery businesses was $1 billion.

As for other assets Poroshenko, the scale they yield Roshen and leading positions in their areas not occupied. For example, this international investment bank, which, like last year, is a fourth group of banks in terms of assets. The bank was originally created for the needs of the business group Poroshenko, say market participants. “IMB does not accept deposits and make loans not” – says one banker. In Empire Poroshenko there is also a small insurance company in the country. Prime Assets Capital PJSC belongs Health club Monitor, which has sports club 5 item in fishing island in Kiev.

Data showing signs of rapid growth business empire Poroshenko could not be found. The only event that could be seen for the last time with the participation of Prime Asset Capital – is the Antimonopoly Committee for the purchase of shares Kiev factory experimental designs.

“Interests in various areas he has, but that no significant lobbying. If, for example, Kolomoisky got into full military orders, then Poroshenko in these cases was not seen “- said Okhrimenko.

Although things can change. For example, the economic situation stabilized, and property redistribution ghost disappears, then reappears on the horizon. Probably, if it still happens redistribution, assets can gain and presidential Empire.

“We should not ignore the scenario in which Poroshenko will begin to form a new holding company that will replenish assets acquired as a result of privatization or previously owned by other owners – said the expert, who requested anonymity. – Meanwhile Poroshenko focuses more on politics rather than business. That, given the situation in the country, it is clear.”

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