The amount of hryvnia deposits in 2014 decreased by 14.1%, the portfolio of foreign currency – by 29.6%

The volume of lending to both individuals and legal entities falling. The amount of funds in national currency in November 2014 decreased by 1.4% to 362.9 billion USD, and the overall decline since the beginning of the year was 14.1%. The portfolio of foreign currency from the beginning of the year decreased by 29.6% to 21.7 billion. This is according to an analytical review of the major trends in the economy, financial and stock market prepared by experts.

According to the banks reduced lending volumes, in November 2014. The reduction recorded in the balance of loans granted in national currency by 1.3% (9.5% YTD), to UAH 540.3 billion. This was due to the reduction in the balance of loans granted as legal persons (1.1%, 9.3% from the year – to 430.9 billion USD, and on individuals (2.2%, 10 2% since the beginning of the year to 109.4 billion USD). The remains of the loans in foreign currency fell over the month by 4.9% (17.9% YTD) to 31.6 billion.

However, as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Corporate Business Bank Peter Kravchenya, large companies are trying lonhuvaty previously issued loans through the difficult macroeconomic situation. “And the great and the small business is very sensitive to the current economic situation. We understand that everyone is really hard. Previously basic interest rates on loans in national currency amounted to 17-19% per annum, now we are talking about 23-25%. Some banks are trying to meet their clients and to restructure the debt, “- he said.

Earlier, analysts predicted record of default currency loans in Ukraine – up to $4 billion by the end of 2015.

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