A work team entered the PrikarpatZapadtrans mass protests against raider

A work team subsidiary PrikarpatZapadtrans consisting of more than 1,300 people on Monday, December 29th, ‘out of the mass protests against raider capture the enterprise. “This is stated in the press service of SE PrikarpatZapadtrans.

According to the press service, the seizure occurs during the last two weeks with the active participation of senior government officials.

Protests workers held in Kiev before the main administrative buildings of the capital, as well as exactly where actually there trying to capture the physical premises of unknown people supported by militias.

“For several weeks, all employees of our company are living in fear for their future. We see the raiders using illegal court decisions, trying to take away people work, leaving more than 1,300 families destitute. We are appealing the decision in this appeal. all we want – honest work, live by the law. The whole country saw shut down oil companies in Odessa, Kherson and cornflower. Obviously, someone decided that we should be following, “- said the head of the company Csaba Kempl.

Employees of state-owned enterprises put forward three main demands: stop raider Seized people in uniform; wait for the decision of the Supreme Economic Court on the appeal filed by the company; stop state intervention in the enterprise.

The press release also stated that two days ago, 30 young men armed with captured oil pumping station with another company, Ukrtransnafta, referring to the decision of the Court about Rivne pipelines PrikarpatZapadtrans the ownership of the State Property Fund.

“Realizing that the wrong station, the attackers tried to escape, but 15 people were detained by police interception plan,” – noted in a statement.

Authors press release claiming that they were aware of the testimony fihuruvannya detainee MP from the ruling coalition, whose name was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.

“A week ago the same naftoproduktoprovid tried to take control of their subsidiary SE Pohnpei Department of Energy, which together with another subsidiary Ukrtransnaftoprodukt in recent months has been involved in hobbies Odessa refinery, tank farm and Kherson Vasilkovskoy naftoperevalochnoho complex” – said in a press release.

Subsidiary PrikarpatZapadtrans – the only enterprise in Ukraine, which transports light oil pipeline. 100% of the assets owned by the State Enterprise Russian Federation.

Transit of Russian light oil carried by the Zhytomyr, Rivne, Ternopil, Lviv, Ukraine Transcarpathian regions.

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