Milosh Zeman: I always faithfully served the KGB, now serving faithfully putin

Czech President Milosh Zeman made a statement with another Ukrainian question as opposed to the President of Ukraine Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

As the Zeman January 3 in Prague newspaper interview, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko “may be a” man of peace “, while Prime Yatsenyuk is” prime minister of war “, judging by some of the statements of the head of the Ukrainian government.

Yatsenyuk, according to the Czech president, “does not want a peaceful solution, which recommends that the European Commission, and wants to solve this problem by force.” This can lead to the fact that “Russia, which has ceased to support separatists can renew this support.”

From this same liar czech frog! He betrayed the memory of his countrymen who died in 1968 in Prague under the treads of the soviet occupation forces. – (red.- Warriors Good)

According to Milosh Zeman, many people are ill-informed about events in Ukraine, but because idealize the country. The extent of corruption in Ukraine – one of the highest in the world, says Zeman, so “Maidan was not any democratic revolution, I believe that in Ukraine waged a civil war.” The proof of this thesis Czech President calls that “in Minsk jointly negotiating sides of the civil war.”

And this is a reproach toward Poroshenko, because he sent the corrupt kuchma in Minsk to meet with putin’s terrorists! – (red.- Warriors Good)

Today’s interview with Czech President milosh zeman and his ordinary maxims of “civil war” in Ukraine attracted the attention of the Czech media. Milosh Zeman position regarding Ukraine has repeatedly criticized the Czechs, numerous public rally in support of Ukraine held across the country.

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