Former Georgian President Saakashvili Mihayil preparing to become Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Former Georgian President Saakashvili Mihayil preparing to become Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. How to write media, Saakashvili believes that front in the struggle for freedom of Georgia is now in Ukraine. And corruption – is the enemy of Ukraine for no less than Russian troops and Russian tanks. Therefore politician is preparing a package of relevant documents and plans to participate in a public competition for the position of Director of NABU. What is known, was declared January 12 this year. Documents will last 30 days – 12 February.

Information about Saakashvili as director of NABU is not new. Georgian politics “svataly” on the post last fall, when Parliament “found” enough votes to establish a body to combat the higher political corruption. But then Saakashvili did not see for yourself can renounce the citizenship of the country of which he was president for almost 10 years. “I was offered the post of first deputy prime minister of Ukraine. But for that I was to receive Ukrainian citizenship, refusing Georgian. I refused. At this point, for me this is not possible, “- he said in an interview then.

It turns out that in the last two months in the life of something Mikheil Saakashvili significantly changed if he is ready to give up Georgian citizenship for the fight against corruption Ukrainian. Indeed, although the Competition Commission and changed by breaking the current legislation, provided the competition by allowing foreigners kanduvaty. However, the current version of the Law of Ukraine on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau has made clear that director NABU not be a national / citizen of another state. Ukrainian citizenship – is required. And, as you know, as of yesterday coalition plans were not intent to change this article. Although the law does change.

Last Friday – January 30, 2015 – was registered in the parliament a bill №1660-D, which will return to the Law of Ukraine “On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau” most of the articles seized the night before the vote.

The bill was registered MPs from different political parties and approved by the Verkhovna Rada fight against corruption and organized crime.

«This bill was consensus between Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, the various political parties and presidential administration – says Yegor Sobolev, head of the parliamentary committee on the fight against corruption and organized crime. – It contains a substantial revision to the law, which will start the work of the Bureau and partially restore him independence, transparency and powers that have been previously deleted ».

Bill №1660-D returned high salaries to employees of the Bureau, which will secure the future of fighters against corruption bribes. Also returns and rule banning work in the Bureau of persons in the last five years working in the anti-corruption units of the Security Service, the Interior Ministry and prosecutors more.

«This rule was one of the key that was removed on the night before the vote and that it was necessary to turn to the law – says chairman Vitaly Shabunin. – It should not be allowed to work in the Bureau old “fighters” against corruption, which is “naborolysya” to the fact that Ukraine – one of the most corrupt countries in the world».

One important was the return of the law in investigative jurisdicton NAB ex-presidents. The bill specified tender procedure for selection of Director NAB: clearly defined qualification requirements for candidates for the post; competitive selection committee of the Director is entitled to conduct interviews with any number of selected candidates, so that the Commission has an open ballot dibraty two or three candidates from which the President of Ukraine determines the candidate is appointed director.

Another important innovation – the creation of a detective. Inside NAB real detective work that will simultaneously and investigative and operational staff. This detectives allow even monitor bank accounts.

Another important step is to create an anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, which is to supervise the observance of laws during the pre-trial investigation NAB and support prosecutions in appropriate proceedings.

By the way, experts point out that the appointment of Saakashvili – this is not a simple question. After all, it entails a number of consequences in international relations and seriously affect relations between official Tbilisi and Kyiv. “Appointment Saakashvili not understand nor its voters because it would mean refusal of citizenship, nor, especially, Marhvelashvili …” – said Vitaly Shabunin.

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