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Population of Ukraine stow savings from deposits and translates them into foreign currency

The population of Ukraine takes on savings deposits, and translates them into foreign currency. This opinion was expressed Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine Alexei Plotnikov, commenting on the increase in purchasing Ukrainian currency.

“Of course, in the face of uncertainty, that every day reeling currency market, people trying to convert their savings into foreign currency. This process is interconnected. The situation in the foreign exchange market, speculative tendencies – is rozbovtuye rate even more, further aggravates the state of the national currency. The people buying the currency, because no longer trust banks, deposits taken emitted to the cash currency market, “- he said.

In addition, the economist explained that before the New Year expire many deposits.

“It turns out that the New Year is usually held a variety of events and many deposits during this period. Now ends year term and citizens transferred deposits in cash. People do not see the point in having their funds in banks continued to persist. And the fact that people take in hand – they are trying to transfer into the currency “, – concluded the Carpenters.

Recall, according to the National Bank in November 2014 the net purchase of foreign currency population (excess of foreign currency purchases of its sales) amounted to 21.3 million dollars. In general, for the first 11 months this figure is 2.363 billion dollars. This is 21.8% (to 0.423 billion dollars.) More than the same period last year.

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