Petro Poroshenko signed a decree “On urgent measures to ensure public security”

President of Ukraine Poroshenko signed a decree enters into force the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on November 4, “On urgent measures to ensure public safety.” A decree published by the President on the presidential website.

In particular, the decision of the National Security Council instructed the Cabinet to review the rules of property and provisioning personnel of military units and law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on the basis of detected during ATO actual needs; to determine the accounting treatment of captured or seized weapons and pieces of military equipment; to improve the coordination of security and defense sector and ensure proper information exchange to take measures to control the formation of associations item at the Ministry of Defence.

Government should examine the possibility to increase combat readiness connections and units of the Armed Forces and the National Guard, and to optimize their management and logistic support from the personnel, weapons and military equipment territorial defense battalions armed forces reserve battalions Natshvardiyi, volunteer battalions and mouth special police appointment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the document says.

Cabinet with the Prosecutor General tasked to study and make proposals to introduce a special procedure for pre-trial and trial proceedings for the materials of committing war crimes; prepare and submit a draft law to strengthen accountability for crimes against the established order of military service (war crimes).

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers with the SBU and the participation of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) has to approve military medical doctrine; to take measures for the establishment of inter-agency coordination center to assist victims during the ATO.

The decision of the National Security Council instructed the government within two months to make proposals to support the activities of military-patriotic organizations, community groups for the protection of public order, border, voluntary movements; ensure that the work on the search and identification of bodies delivering military and law enforcement personnel who were killed during the ATO; ensure the development of new models and replacement ballot law enforcement and intelligence agencies, providing strengthen anti-counterfeiting; elaborate the issue of restoration of military medical training in medical schools.

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