Armed forces of Ukraine that perform tasks near ATO got new equipment and weapons

President Poroshenko in Chuhuiv Kharkiv region took part in the ceremony of transfer units to performing tasks in the area of counter-terrorism operations, equipment and weapons.

He noted that without a system providing troops with modern weapons and equipment can not win the war, according to his press office.

Armed Forces units were transferred to T-64BM “Bulat” tanks T-64 BV, T-72 B1, T-72UA, T-72A, BTR-third and BTR-4s, self-propelled artillery 2C1 and Mi-8 and Mi-2. President personally inspected all kinds of weapons and equipment, and talked with the military.

“The troops received new armored vehicles, precision antitank weapons, vehicles kontrbatareynoyi combat, communications, security systems. At the same time negotiating with our partners for the purchase of modern weapons designs, which are now missing in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and whose production in Ukraine is missing “- said Poroshenko.

According to him, “Ukroboronprom” plans for 2015 doubling of capacity utilization for the production of a new generation of armored vehicles, in particular it is a new BTR-4 and its modifications, debugging serial production combat vehicle “Watch” and tanks “stronghold”.

This Poroshenko noted that the war killed more than 1250 soldiers, 952 of them from the armed forces. President and observed a minute of silence present fallen soldiers.

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