Economic situation in Ukraine in last nine months only worse

The economic situation in Ukraine over the past nine months only worsened, said the president of the Center market reforms Vladimir Lanovyy.

“Previously we were on the brink, it is already in the gap,” – he said.

The expert criticized the new government’s program. According Lanovyy, no program goals, and methods for economic recovery. According to the Economist, “a vague statement European direction – does not change anything in our inner life.”

“What is the goal to be in the program? First out of the crisis. How can I safely is to say that we will continue to fall, collapse, reducing losses Reform … in all countries of post-Soviet, led to GDP growth. May not be reforms that pushed the country further into the abyss, in the fall, a collapse, “- said Vladimir Lanovyy.

On the eve of Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk presented in parliament the government program.

People’s deputies criticized the action program of the Cabinet, including the head of the party “Block Poroshenko” Yuriy Lutsenko said that it is imperfect. Nevertheless, the deputies supported the document. For this, voted 269 deputies, 28 were against.

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