Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko proposes to introduce institute of private enforcement of judicial decisions

Justice Minister Paul Smith proposes to introduce institute of private enforcement of judgments. He said this in an open discussion organized by the European Business Association.

According to him, to reform executive service need a year or two, but the Minister hopes to start the process from mid 2015.

“The law is adopted, respectively, will be created by the sub-base for exams access to the profession and from the middle of the year you can start to form a professional staff of private enforcement” – said Petrenko.

The minister also said that precisely planned introduction of fees of bailiffs that a transition has executed court decisions.

To private performers do not become second collector or racketeers, Smith intends to establish a clear responsibility performers. “There will be professional and criminal liability for certain actions”, – said the Minister.

Procedures enforcement proceedings will be spelled out in the law “On enforcement proceedings”. “Because racket can be only when a certain phenomenon is not normalized,” – said Petrenko.

The Minister explained that the singer is a private self-employed persons, “it will not be some companies that will receive a license.”

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