So now operates corrupt and unjust judicial system in Ukraine

– Even at the first meeting Artemenko demanded 400 thousand compensation. Judge says too early, and they are: they have the same house, car, apartment, shop. All sprodayut. The apartment we sold five years ago, in store collateral for the loan – says 36-year-old Ruslan Slabenko from the county seat heater in Cherkasy. His son, 15-year old Igor District Court convicted of murdering 12-year-old seventh graders Dmitry Artemenko. February 12 last year that he died from a brain haemorrhage.

Igor received 8 years in prison, parents should compensate 400 thousand. USD. They appealed the verdict, the decision of the appeal request to release his son under house arrest.

Ruslan Slabenko – employed, heating and water supply sets. With his wife Lyudmila 35-year-old daughter with another 6-year-old Arina. The son went to school №1.

– Igor Dima saw in the toilet – says Ruslan. – He was sitting on the window sills blyednyy, head bent, tears flowing. I wash, shatavsya. Igor took him down, gave the teacher, he ran for the nurse. Dima was taken to the hospital, asked what happened. He said he was going to the toilet, the fight is not mentioned.

In the seventh graders hospital died. The police have opened criminal proceedings.

– People summoned to the prosecutor’s Square, you find the culprit – will drive. The prosecutor called investigators. They all drove in the simplest version. All night rewriting protocols. On the second day given to children to sign. The court denied all children, but they have not listened. Doctors and teachers unanimously said that signs of beatings seen.

February 27 Igor Slabenka arrested.

– March 17 came forensic evidence that there was bleeding for 14 hours before death. Igor found it 10 hours before death. If someone Dima and beat it at least four hours before – joining the conversation Lyudmila Slabenko. – On the criminal case disappeared all medical records Dima. In the fall he had two weeks to survey the institute. In the statement says that addressed with frequent pain in my head and heart. But on the third day after the funeral, my mother went and took the card. In a single certificate states that the aneurysm was Dima – vascular disease of the brain.

Ruslan phone rings. He is distracted, says workers.

– In case files were all suspected wiretapping mobile from 17 February to 17 March. The court did not give them to us. Listened until after sentencing. There appear seniors Sergei Dudnik Maxim Kononenko. Dudnik familiar girl said: “Myenty pressed, the camera off. But vidcheplyatsya for Pope has raised his money. “Kononenko also had an alibi. Two teachers said that while he was in the circle.

School №1 – in the city center. The room cool kids sit in the classroom in outer clothing. After the death of seventh graders director 42-year-old Anatoly grave resigned, now working as a teacher.

– In fact, no one saw what was there. Said Dima beat three – says the new director of the 50-year-old Larisa Bondarenko.

Invites the office 10-B class, where he studied Slabenko.

– Igor moved to our class the year before, with parallel – says class teacher 57-year-old Elena Konoval. – Straight boy. No leader, no bully, did not violate discipline. Beautifully photographed, the talent is. If Dima beaten, he would have cried, we have all heard. It is not clear even as he was on the third floor.

Former Director for seventh graders did not see signs of beating.

– Bruises, broken nose or something would just noticed – says Anatoly Petrovich. – And as he stood in silence, we called “fast”. Ten people saw that he had a pressure of 100 to 50. I asked Igor to admitted if struck. He swore that no one touched.

In Slabenka sure innocence Igor and his classmates.

– Igor never let anyone obidyv. One walked with the company, one guy wounded leg. Igor drove him to the hospital. Dima said that there implicated Max, but piled on Igor – says Ekaterina Litvin 16 years.

Dmitry Artemenko went to school with Plyakivka village 5 km. He lived there with a 66-year-old grandmother Nilo and 8-year-old sister Alice. His parents, 45-year-old Victor and 33-year-old Irina divorced. A man working as a taxi driver in Kamenetz, a woman – on earnings in the capital.

– Dima could save, but we defy impossible “soon” – sure Neil I.. – They have not even nosilok. I do not know transported as carry the. I do not call immediately. The hospital Dima said: “I beat the boys. I do not know them, know Max “. Then he began the attack. He made shots, fell asleep. If she knew that there is a threat to life, immediately drove to Kyiv.

Woman puts pictures of his grandson.

– We were told that Dima professionally beaten in the head, but no one wants to witness – continues. – There were three examination. The first showed that the injury caused by the 14 hours before his death, the second – for 6-12 hours. That could hit at school or at 11 am in the hospital at 17.00. Igor does not want to hand over all: this is a group.

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