Journalists radio “Freedom” found that Poroshenko built in the buffer zone of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Attorney General’s Office closed the criminal investigation into the destruction of earthworks “Kyiv fortress.” This architecture of the XVIII century. on the street. Quartered in the Pechersk district of the capital. The area near by the President Peter Poroshenko. In 2012, there began to build a house. Without the permission of the Ministry of Culture, established journalists radio “Freedom”.

The land area of 0.6315 hectares currently the president bought 2009. He has made the declaration before this year’s elections. The land is part of the buffer zone of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. From there to the house – 750 m. The Prosecutor General’s Office wrote a complaint its employees. Construction work stopped. The investigation lasted almost half a year. The case was closed a month ago – for lack of evidence.

Ground meters high fence surrounded the president. Left in the three-story house lives a former national deputat- “Regions” John Kurowski. On the other hand – the former coach youth football team Pavlo Yakovenko.

At the gate hangs a new lock. Next – unfinished house of silica brick for protection. Without a roof, lilac grows through it. For the gate is seen overgrown with tall grass excavator buckets, bright red metal barrels and dozens of piles.

– Acres of land is worth 100 thousand dollars. For construction need to spend a lot of expertise and get permission from the city council. But if you have money – everything can be solved – Kazhe rіeltor 30 rіchna Svitlana. Prіzvischa not nazivaє. – There are different people live: singer Natalia Mogilev, a lot of politicians. Stand and smoke near the houses will not succeed. Immediately narisovyvaetsya guard. Asks who you are and why you came.

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