Russian authorities stirs armed conflict in the Donbas because unsuccessful Ukraine – this factor legitimacy kremlin

If the Donbas install weather resistant – the threat of Russian attack will increase.

The power of fuels armed conflict in the Donbas, because unsuccessful Ukraine – a factor in increasing the legitimacy of the Kremlin.

This was told the Russian political analyst Andrei Okara.

The expert said that the Kremlin denied any participation in the war in eastern Ukraine. “But he has a clear understanding that unsuccessful warring Ukraine, which is falling apart – a factor that increases the legitimacy of the current Russian political system, and the success of Ukraine, the success of reforms and its development, however, undermine the legitimacy of this” – said Okara.

“So weakening Ukraine – is not the strengthening of and strengthening the Kremlin!” – Said the analyst.

Commenting on the possibility of intensification of fighting in the Donbas, the expert said that this question depends on many factors, but, in his opinion, morally and psychologically in Ukrainian side no resources to counterattack.

“And on the opposite side (the militants, mercenaries and Russian military – Ed.) Serious attacks can be expected when the weather obitsyatyme long period with temperatures ranging from -7 to -2 degrees, ie without major frosts and thaws without. If the forecast promises, say, a two-week period following the probability of attack will increase, “- said Okara.

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