Many inhabitants of Crimea are trying again to become citizens of Ukraine

36-year-old Igor Plekhanov changed from the Crimea to the Ukrainian Russian passport.

– In April, became a citizen of Russia, and in November refused on happiness – said Plekhanov. – To obtain a passport, three nights at the lodge Novotroyitske immigration center in Kherson region. People went there with a lot of Crimea. A document issued a few hours after applying. Russian passport reluctantly taken not to put pressure on the family. You could get a job. The last straw was that I could not take the peninsula newborn son because he was Russian. Since I work anyway out. My wife did not give money for the new baby, and our business captured Russians. Disappointing, that mighty Russia did nothing of his promises. With the family plan to stay in the Crimea, and eldest son also do Ukrainian passport. This year he joins the university in mainland Ukraine.

Appeals to Novotroitsky migration service was twice as much. From November Crimeans began to massively abandon Russian passports.

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