Russian television actress Galina Pyshnyak right is the russian fsb

Russian television actress Galina Pyshnyak who previously portrayed witness “crucified boy” and offering fire in Volnovakha now performed the role prodavchyni nearest store to stop, fired by militants.

Reported Russian blogger Andrew Shypilov network.

“From left top Russian television actress Galina Pyshnyak says the boy was crucified in Slavic. The photo at the top right she portrays on Russian TV offering fire in Volnovakha.

In the photo below, it is January 22 in Donetsk exploded near a trolley depicts the shop nearest shop – witness fire “- he writes.

Shypilov also emphasizes that the report removed immediately after the bombing stops militants.

“The fact that not only the crew of the Russian TV, but all actors immediately appeared on the site of the explosion, and were not simply and only wore uniforms sellers nearest store may be just what the explanation that Russian TV known in advance, which will explode “- he said.

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